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#8 eWMS2023 Japanese Speaker Introduction Yumiko Murakami General Partner of Mpower Partners

Yumiko Murakami is the former head of the OECD Tokyo Centre. Prior to the OECD, Now Co-founder of MPower Partners the first global venture capital fund focused on ESG, and the first VC founded by 3 Japanese female partners.

“You’ve got all of these great things—people, technology, money, a very stable social and political environment—and realizing this was actually one of the triggers where I started to think, what can I do? What can we do to change that?”

Prior to the OECD, she worked for 20 years in the global financial industry, mostly as a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in New York, London and Tokyo. She is a leading authority on a wide range of economic policy issues such as corporate governance, tax guidelines, diversity, education, trade and innovation. She sits on several Government advisory panels, including Prime Minister Kishida’s panel on “the New Form of Capitalism”. Yumiko has an MBA from Harvard Business School, MA from Stanford University and BA from Sophia University.

She is also on the Advisory Committee Member at Bosch Corp., and on the board of Daiwa Securities Group, Inc., Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. and Raksul, Inc. and Advisory Board Member at Harvard Business School.



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