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  • 執筆者の写真Kayoko Tsuchiya

#9 eWMS2023 Japanese Speaker Introduction Katsura Ito Commissioner of National Personnel Authority

She will be speaking about Transformational Leadership. Formally Katsura Ito served as chief learning officer at Microsoft Japan and offers experience with marketing and systems engineering.

The NPA (National Personnel Authority, Japan) is in charge of the National Public Service Act which impacts the success and wellbeing of 291,000 national public employees and extends its influence more broadly to national/local employees, of which there are 3,353,000, and even to millions of employees in related organizations.

My strength is ultimate positive thinking – my belief is both of life and work has to be fun.

20 years plus experiences in foreign based IT companies in Japan with several roles such as field system engineer, product marketing and business management. Most recently, working for Microsoft Japan as leading ISV strategy, product marketing, business development, technology marketing and technical evangelism. Covering from BtoB, BtoC to BtoBtoC, and from Startup to large enterprise, through the “Digital transformation” of those customers. She has various unique skill set - “translate” deep tech term to business language, explain Japan IT’s uniqueness in English, lead diversity team in role, gender, generation, nationality and background with passion and energy.



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