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Introducing eWMS 2023 Speaker from Japan

Naoto Kato CEO Cluster Inc.

Naoto Kato, a graduate of Kyoto University's Faculty of Science, embarked on a journey into the world of virtual reality (VR) after experiencing a period of social withdrawal. In 2015, he founded the startup "Cluster," which harnesses the capabilities of VR technology. By 2017, he had introduced the VR platform "Cluster" to the public. Today, it has transformed into Japan's largest metaverse platform, hosting 200 events annually. Users not only attend these events but also engage in conversations with friends and enjoy gaming experiences using their preferred avatars.

In 2018, Naoto Kato received recognition as one of the "30 Under 30 Japanese People Changing the World" by Forbes JAPAN, a prestigious economic magazine. He is also the author of the book "Metaverse: Good Bye Atom Era" (Shueisha/2022).

Cluster Inc. has played a pivotal role in making the metaverse a reality. Their projects include "Virtual Osaka," the officially recognized "Virtual Shibuya" endorsed by Shibuya Ward, and the creation and operation of the Pokémon virtual amusement park known as the "Pokémon Virtual Fest." The company continuously offers innovative forms of entertainment and immersive experiences. Cluster Inc. actively participates in organizing various metaverse events and initiatives.

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