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"The World Marketing Summit 2023 Japan website has been unveiled. Registrations are now open!"

This time, Seekers Base Japan Inc. (CEO Kiyoko Tsuchiya) has entered into an official partnership agreement with Kotler Impact Inc. (CEO Sadia Kibria), co-founded by Mr. Philip Kotler. With this partnership, both companies will strategically promote innovative initiatives centered around management and marketing education in Japan, in line with Mr. Philip Kotler's vision of "creating a better society through the power of marketing."

Under this collaboration, Seekers Base Japan Inc. will be responsible for the Japanese operations of the World Marketing Summit 2023 organized by Kotler Impact Inc., starting this year.

The summit, initiated by Mr. Philip Kotler, will be held for the 12th time this year and will be the 4th time being held online. Last year, it attracted 90 million vie

wers, and this year it's expected to gather over 100 million online viewers from more than 160 countries.

The summit not only features marketing experts but also gathers prime ministers from various countries, government officials, academics, experts from various fields, thinkers, and innovative corporate leaders who will deliver lectures on their ideas and expertise. The theme of this summit is "Ideas to Overcome the Current Crisis." Currently, rapid changes are significantly shaking the traditional industrial base, posing challenges that make us concerned about the future of humanity. In such a critical situation, the importance of marketing as a compass is increasing. The significance of the summit lies in thoroughly analyzing and pursuing the marketing function required by organizations from an integrated perspective to create a sustainable future, prompting necessary actions and widely sharing related knowledge.

To offer this valuable opportunity to millennial students, under Mr. Philip Kotler's directive, 500,000 free viewing codes are being provided to Japanese students. Group free viewing code applications from universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools can be made at:

In addition to global company CMOs such as Google, TickTock, Nestle, and Microsoft, notable university professors from Wharton School, Kellogg University, and marketing experts will be speaking.

Speakers from over 200 countries can be found here:

For the Japanese World Marketing Summit page:

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