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​Free student viewing tickets now being distributed! !

Simultaneously watch the world's largest online marketing summit with 200+ speakers from marketing and management experts from around the world and 100 million viewers from 100+ countries around the world. 16 market leaders representing Japan will proudly participate as speakers!

Open up your future with the power of marketing!

Ideas for times of crisis   

11/6~11/8   9:00am~    

Kotler Impact World Marketing Summit

world marketing Summit 2023


Innovation is

to connect

what's not connected.

By leveraging our network with startups that solve social issues and change makers around the world who are essential for scaling companies, we will efficiently connect optimal resources and stakeholders to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of the era of change. We provide efficient and comprehensive support services through B to B and B to C communication.

Leveraging our global network of change-makers, we efficiently connect the right resources and stakeholders, offering comprehensive frontline support and services to startups and businesses that aim to solve societal challenges through their ventures.

About Seekers Base

As the modern industrial structure and business environment continue to change rapidly, we will comprehensively communicate the communication that is essential for the global expansion of companies that promptly grasp these changes and provide IP and services that have a positive impact on the environment and society. We will support you. At SeekersBase, we make full use of our international network and platform to comprehensively support the overseas expansion of companies with a high level of social contribution. In particular, in a business environment that requires timely communication and information exchange, efficient and lean international market development is required. We help reduce barriers to cross-border business, expand your company's visibility in new markets, and help you achieve success quickly. While contributing to improving the presence of Japanese companies in overseas markets, we will also focus on developing the next generation of future market leaders.

Our Services




While taking advantage of Japanese values, we offer the best cost performance.

We promote media exposure of companies and brands in overseas markets by designing communications that reach the global market, creating presentations for overseas audiences, preparing exhibits at global summits, and planning and managing events and seminars in Japan and overseas.

​Brand Communication 
​​Brand Communication

​We offer unique and innovative promotions linked to SNS for overseas markets, from planning, development, design to public relations for products originating in Japan and for overseas markets (including digital services). We plan, execute, and effectively carry out brand awareness activities that resonate with global audiences.

Product & Service Design to Market Entry
From product/service design
​Market Entry




We are involved in the planning and development of cross-border projects ranging from entertainment to social projects, and use our network with overseas investors to support negotiations with investors to proceed smoothly.

Cross-Border Business Support 
​Cross-border business support




In collaboration with overseas schools, we design educational programs centered on digital/art/culture. We support the development of next-generation market leaders while promoting global human exchange.

​Brand Communication 
​Brand Communication



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