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  • 執筆者の写真Kayoko Tsuchiya

#6 eWMS2023 Japanese Speaker Introduction to Hironobu Akiyama CEO of Inforich Inc.

Enhancing Value through Precise Localization to Fit the Market.

Inforich Inc. offers mobile battery sharing service called Charge Spots. It is a prime example of how a Japanese service provider can improve existing ( originally overseas ) service user experience (UX) and branding, and expand globally by adding value. Currently, there are 40,000 locations, including convenience stores, stations, cafes, and fashion retailers, with mobile battery charger rental stands.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan, Hironobu Akiyama, (Chinese Name:Stephen Chan) is a multilingual artist(Rapper) who gained prominence in 2007 with Universal Music, where he showcased his talent in three languages. In 2012, he relocated to Hong Kong and has since been involved in various roles, including serving as an advisor for the Fukuoka Prefecture Hong Kong Office and as the head of the Overseas Business Division for the establishment of IGNIS Co., Ltd., a company that went public on the Mothers market. Stephen specializes in consulting for cross-border business ventures, such as attracting Japanese companies to Hong Kong and facilitating M&A. In 2015, he co-founded Inforich Inc. The company is currently expanding its charge point services globally.

Discussion Point:

  1. What Inforich Inc. did to enhance value of existent services through precise Localization to fit the market.

  2. What is the key contributing factors for rapid scaling of Inforich Charge Sport service.

  3. What other rental services Charge Spot can start offering as it becomes the hybrid rental platform.



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