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Mujin Inc. CEO Issei Takino. speaks on the next generation of intelligent robotics.

One of the most thriving robotics ventures, Mujin's CEO, Issei Takino, has been selected as one of the '100 people transforming business in Asia' by Business Insider. In September, they have just secured over 85 million USD in funding to accelerate intelligent robotics automation in a challenging venture investment environment.

Born in Osaka, Japan, in 1984, Issei Takino co-founded Mujin with Dr. Rosen, a global authority in robotics, in 2011. Before founding Mujin, he worked for ISCAR, a manufacturing company known for achieving the world's highest profit levels within the industry, a subsidiary of Warren Buffett's company. Issei worked as a technical sales representative, earning numerous awards for proposing production methods. His illustrious career, coupled with his extensive knowledge gained from navigating the demanding production environments in Japan, has served as a driving force, especially in the challenging field of robot ventures.

Mujin Inc. is based in Tokyo and bring in the global talents to work on the "next-generation production line" solution for Factory Automation (FA), develops Machine Intelligence (MI), a unique approach to AI that delivers high levels of reliability and performance, without prescriptive programming and teaching.

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